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Our mission is to ensure the highest quality interpreting services for the deaf through our own interpreting services and by helping interpreters realize and achieve their highest potential through consistently providing superior professional development resources.

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Practice Ethical Scenarios

Practice Ethical



One of the best things a candidate can do to prepare for an exam and reduce test anxiety is to practice under exam-like conditions. In this practice DVD, you will be given ten sticky situations and five minutes. Can you answer the question entirely before the time runs out?"

Interpreting Knowledge




Getting ready to take an interpreting written exam? Take a swing at hundreds of practice questions in this workbook specifically designed to prepare you for any general exam for interpreters.

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"I'm Sorry, Where'd I Put Your Mom?"

Perfecting people placement is not impossible! It's easy once you learn a simple way to set up your space. Coming soon!

"She I Give It To You Him"

Who did what? Exactly! What you are trying to sign and what you are really signing may be completely different things without the power of directional verbs! Coming soon!

"Square What You Cruel"

Or, Sign What You Mean. Which makes more sense? Come hone your concept skills! Coming soon!




"Shonna's [2008 and 2009] NIC workshops have both been SOLD OUT performances. We are looking into a bigger venue for June 2010. Everyone in Chicago RAVES for an encore!"

Tim Mahoney
Illinois RID - Professional Develpment Chair.

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Shonna Magee is one of a handful of National Interpreter Certification (NIC) Master interpreters in Florida...

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Workshops don't have to be boring. The Master the NIC training series was initially developed in 2006. The Master the NIC series consists of 3 different workshops...

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